Residential Roofing

Choosing a roofing company to work on your home can be intimidating. With so many residential roofing companies to choose from, we try to make your decision as straightforward as possible by addressing common homeowner concerns, while going above and beyond to ensure your roofing experience is world-class.

When partnering with Brahma Roofing and Construction, you can expect:


With over four decades of experience in roofing, construction, project management, and more we have worked on projects of all shapes and sizes, giving us the expertise to provide solutions for any challenges our team may face.


Working within your budget, we utilize our connections with manufacturers, distributors, and contractors to provide quality solutions at affordable prices.


Staying up to date with the industry’s most current data, all our roofing systems and roof repairs are completed using quality material and proven techniques that are built to last.

Customer Service

From the time you first contact Brahma Roofing and Construction through our 6-month follow-up, we provide thorough communication and reporting. Whether you are a new or experienced homeowner, we walk you through every step of the process to ensure you are informed of all your options, while we continue to meet the highest standards in terms of quality, comfort, and deadlines.


Living and working in the communities we serve, the trust, loyalty, and respect of our friends and neighbors are of utmost importance to us. As a family-owned and operated business our goal is to improve our communities by creating stronger relationships, more opportunity, and increased property value for the homes we service.

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Roof Replacement

Removing all materials down to the roof deck, we replace underlayments and install a new roof system after making any necessary repairs to the plywood sheathing.

Emergency Roof Repair

Our 24/7 service for when your roof experiences sudden leaks, severe storm damage, damage from fallen limbs, or catastrophic failure.

Roof Maintenance

Periodic inspections and minor repairs that prolong the life of your roof by identifying damage early such as debris accumulation, cracks, or minor leaks.

Roof Repairs

Quick and cost-effective, roof repairs address minor to moderate damage in your current roof system such as shingle replacements, flashing repairs, or replacing your gutter system.

Hail & Weather Damage

Completing timely inspections, we identify storm-related damage and provide thorough documentation that can be shared with your insurance company to begin an insurance claim.

Full-Service Insurance Support

From submitting a claim to completing your replacement, we work with our network of local insurance adjusters on your behalf to ensure you receive full coverage for a quality roof replacement.

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Residential Roofing Systems

Aka flat roofs, low slope roofs refer to any roof with a pitch below 3/12 and are commonly seen on garage and porch transitions. Low slope roofs are often installed with materials such as single-ply membranes (EPDM, TPO, PVC) or modified bitumen, as shingles are not recommended for low slope roofs.

Often referred to as residential roofs, steep slope roofs refer to anything with a pitch above 3/12. Steep slope roofs can be installed with an array of materials such as shingles, metal, or tile. Sometimes roofs with a pitch above 9/12 are also referred to as steep slope roofs, as these roofs often require special equipment such as scaffolding and rigging to safely perform the installation.

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used residential roofing material in the United States. This is due to its affordability, durability (15-30 year lifespan), and simple installation. Asphalt shingles are often made using a combination of asphalt and fiberglass and are sold as 3-tab shingles, dimensional shingles, and luxury shingles.

As opposed to asphalt shingles which are typically composed of fiberglass, synthetic or composite shingles are produced using a combination of materials such as wood, laminate, slate, and even recyclable materials. This allows them to be designed in a variety of appearances which can even mimic other materials. This combination of materials also contributes to resistance from cracking, splitting, peeling, or warping, resulting in a 30-50 year life expectancy,

Wood shake provides versatility in appearance because of the availability of different woods, grains, and splits. Wood shake is typically made from cedar, redwood, or cypress, protects against most weather conditions due to its thickness, and is environmentally friendly.

Fire-resistant, water-resistant, and weather-resistant, slate roofs are one of the most durable roofs available, with some roofs providing protection for nearly 200 years. While being one of the longest-lasting roofing materials, slate is also one of the most expensive. Slate comes in both hard slate and soft slate, both of which are produced from metamorphic rocks and provide unique appearances.

Coming in a variety of shapes and colors, as well as glazed or unglazed options, ceramic tiles are made from clay and provide excellent insulation and durability with a life expectancy of 50-100 years. Ceramic tiles are much heavier than other materials such as wood or shingles, which may require your roofing structure to be reinforced to support the additional weight if installing as a new system. Ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly, touting the lowest life-cycle costs and 100% recyclable waste.

Extremely durable, metal roofs have a life expectancy of 50 to 100 years and are suitable for both warm and cold climates. Metal roofs are an especially great choice for locations prone to wildfires as they have a Class A fire resistance rating. Available in sheet panels, shingles, shakes, and a variety of colors, metal roofs are lightweight, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient.

Machine cut from a block of cedar, cedar shingles are thinner than cedar shake. While other types of wood are used, cedar is popular because of its high-quality performance and beautiful appearance. Cedar shingles have a common life span of 30 years when properly installed and maintained.

Some homes are comprised of multiple roof styles and pitches, and can therefore require multiple roof systems to be installed. If you have questions about a custom roof configuration please reach out to us with more information.

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