Roof Repair Services in Johnstown, CO

Brahma Roofing and Construction provides homeowners with quality residential roofing services at a competitive price. Our expert team of roofing contractors in Johnstown can perform roof repairs, full roof replacements, roof inspections, and important maintenance to protect your home with quality craftsmanship and durable materials that withstand the test of time.   

If you are unsure of the condition of your roof, or if you suspect your roof has been damaged due to: 

  • Hail damage
  • Wind damage 
  • Excessive heat 
  • Moisture penetrating the surface of your roof
  • Installation errors 
  • Normal wear and tear 
  • General maintenance
  • And more! 

Contact us today for a free inspection! After receiving our detailed assessment, not only will you know the condition of your roof – you will have an experienced team of roofing contractors available to answer your questions, inform you of the best roofing solutions available, and perform the highest quality roof repairs in Weld and Larimer County!  

If you would like to schedule your free roof inspection, fill out the form on our contact page, give us a call directly, or visit our blog for tips and tricks!  

Emergency Roofing Services In Johnstown, CO

Everyone wants their homes to be a safe environment for their families but a damaged roof can threaten your safety with issues such as mold and rotting support structures. Protect your home and your family by addressing leaks and severe damage to your roof by contacting us for emergency roofing services! 

How We Serve Johnstown, CO 

  • Roof replacement
  • Roof repair and maintenance
  • Emergency roof repair
  • Ridge vents and roof ventilation
  • Hail and other weather-related damage
  • Common roofing problems such as faulty roof flashing, shingles damages, gutter buildup or moisture
  • Residential metal roofs
  • Free Roofing Inspections

At Brahma Roofing and Construction, our goal is to provide as much value as possible for our customers. Along with providing top class roofing services and repairs, we pride ourselves on being a resource to keep homeowners informed. Our extensive experience with various types of roofing materials allows us to provide input and guidance that will help you make the best decision for your home. Much of this experience includes material types such as:  

  • Asphalt roof shingles  
  • Rubber roof shingles
  • Synthetic roof shingles 
  • Wood roof shingles 
  • Shake roof shingles 
  • Copper roof shingles
  • Metal roofs 
  • Terracotta roof tiles 
  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Slate roof shingles 
  • And more! 

Since the roofing solution you choose can have a major impact on your budget, and even your insurance premiums, we want you to be aware of all your options before making a decision. 

  • What materials will provide the best combination of protection and value?  
  • Is a roof replacement or repair a better option for the current condition of my roof?
  • Is the damage to my roof eligible for insurance claims?  

The more information you have, the more confident you will be in your purchase. And to ensure you have complete confidence in your roof, we also offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to protect your investment after installation. If you live in the Front Range and need your roof replaced, repaired or inspected, contact the most reliable roofing company in Johnstown, CO today. If you want to learn more about our exterior services, click here! 

Improving Our Johnstown Community

*Member of the Johnstown City of Commerce (Link)

As residents of Weld and Larimer county, we aren’t just doing business, we are serving our friends and neighbors while improving our community. This outlook allows us to treat every one of our customers with respect while performing all roofing services with integrity; from the smallest residential roofs to the largest commercial roofing project.

We firmly believe that the quality of our work impacts the community. From the visual appearance to the increased value of your home, our goal is to build a new level of trust between contractor and customer. As you neighbors, we understand that our homes are our sanctuaries. So, we’ll always strive to protect your home while making you and your family as confident and comfortable throughout the process. 

Improving our Johnstown community is a continuous effort that requires contributions on all fronts, not just roofing. Which is why Brahma Roofing and Construction are frequent volunteers in the Front Range and Denver area. If you are interested in joining us at our next volunteer event, make sure to follow us on social media and stay up to date on our blog. Let’s build a stronger community together!