Brahma Maintenance Program

Brahma Roofing & Construction prides ourselves on being a world-class resource for our community, including homeowners, business partners and so many others. Because of this, we aim to provide value each day – even the ones where we aren’t on your roof!

Our maintenance program was inspired from years of industry experience and a deep understanding of what it takes to properly care for your exteriors, esthetically and contractually through your homeowners insurance policies, and is carried out with the intention of providing immense value through service.

Take a look at a breakdown of our maintenance program with an emphasis on Why It Matters. Then, feel free to reach out to any member of our team to learn more, ask questions or get started today. We can’t wait to continue improving this industry by protecting the integrity of more homes, homeowners and businesses.

What Does It Include?

These services are provided on a bi-annual basis, approximately every 6 months.

Exterior Window & Skylight Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning & Blowout

Full Exterior Inspection

Roof Maintenance as Needed Under $100

(Popped Nails, Lifted Shingles, Missing Caulking along Ventilation)

Ice Dam Removal on Request

(up to 3 per season)

Homeowners Insurance Review & Recap

Why Does It Matter?

There is a misconception that by having homeowner’s insurance, your home will receive proper coverage when needed.
However, homeowners insurance generally does not cover damage resulting from lack of maintenance or wear and tear. Some samples of this include damages from:






Instead, your coverage tends to focus on “Acts of God”, defined as an instance of uncontrollable natural forces in operation. Some samples of this within our service areas include:





Why These Services?

By having a licensed professional on your roof every six months, you’ll be able to properly document the condition of your exterior on a bi-annual basis. Because of this, when “Acts of God” do occur in your area, we’ll be able to provide the Insurance Adjuster and your Insurance Provider with extensive reports showcasing the condition of your roof before the storm occurred.

Why Is This Important?

When you file an insurance claim, your insurance provider contacts their third party inspection partners who are referenced as Insurance or Claims Adjusters. These Adjusters go to your property and complete a roof inspection, where they document any damage they believe relates to your claim’s Date of Loss. Based on this report and the information submitted by this Adjuster, your Insurance Provider will determine if your claim is approved or denied. Ultimately, deciding if your damage will be covered by insurance or if you’ll be responsible for all expenses.

Unfortunately, we have seen dozens of homeowners denied coverage when storm damage was present because the Adjuster & Provider claim that:

* The damage occurred outside of when your insurance policy was activated

* The roofing material exceeded its lifetime expectancy and is no longer covered

* The damage was classified as wear and tear

* The damage was classified as negligence

* The date of loss was not within 1 year of the claim being filed

However, by enrolling in our Brahma Maintenance Program you’ll have time-stamped documentation to combat these reasons for denial. For Example:

Date of Loss:

If an Adjuster is claiming that Date of Loss occurred longer than 1 year from when you opened your claim, we’ll be able to show all damage or lack thereof that was present from your last exterior inspection (no longer than 6 months).

Negligence & Wear and Tear:

With full exterior inspections being completed and documented every six months, we’ll be able to show that you have been conscious of your property’s condition and proactive in it’s care.

Weather Maps

Anytime a storm rolls through your area, we are notified of the type of weather (wind ratings, size of hail, etc). With this information, we’re able to adequately track our client’s storm exposure history so we can best serve them when needed. For example, when documenting a proper Date of Loss.

To ensure your property remains protected and you’re put in the best position when filing an insurance claim, we commit to completing a full roof inspection for our Brahma Maintenance clients within 72 hours of a storm. This allows you to rest assured that even if no damage was done, you’ll have a clear record of the property being inspected for future reference.

Door Knockers

If you’re worried about Door Knockers approaching your property, we’ll put a sign in your yard as a preventive measure prior to working hours the morning after a storm. Since you’d already be scheduled for a roof inspection within 72 hours of the storm, this precaution prevents other canvassing teams from approaching your property (please let your Sales Representative know if you’d like this, so we can plan accordingly).

Membership Only Discounts

As a member of our Brahma Maintenance Program, you’ll receive discounts off of any retail roofing, exterior or interior projects. Some examples include but are not limited to siding upgrades, basement remodels, etc.

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Every other month, our team compiles a newsletter designed for our clients that discusses informational topics relating to your property, design trends, community involvement and more. These quick (~5 minute) reads are a great way to stay in-the-know about your home while gaining an even better understanding of the Brahma Roofing & Construction team.

Why These Services?

How To Get Started

  • Fill out the form
  • Schedule your Onboarding Inspection
  • Review OIR with your Sales Representative
  • Review your Maintenance Package with your Sales Representative
  • Enroll in Annual or Bi-Annual Subscription
  • We Schedule your first Service Appointment

What You’ll Enjoy

  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • Documented Reports from each visit for your records
  • Satisfaction Survey from each visit
  • Hands-Free Exterior Maintenance
  • On-Call Professional Team for Exterior Emergencies
  • Insurance Support
  • Exclusive Program Discounts
  • Peace of Mind

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