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Protect your business with reliable commercial roofing systems that are designed for your commercial property. At Brahma Roofing and Construction we know that the quality of your roof is an essential component to running your business smoothly. A leaky roof can not only cause extensive damage, it can be a major disruption to your day to day business operations.

For every commercial roof, we perform a detailed inspection to ensure we are providing you with the best materials and roofing system available, ensuring quality craftsmanship that protects your business more efficiently. 

Committed to providing world-class customer service, we employ an experienced staff, knowledgeable supervisors with an eye for detail, and quality materials on every commercial roof whether we are performing general maintenance, roof repairs, waterproofing, or a commercial roof replacement. Contact us today for an annual roof inspection or to request a quote for your commercial roof.

Commercial Roof Replacement

After evaluating your commercial roof, we’ll work with you to find the right roof system based on your property, budget, and individual needs.

New Construction

Fast and reliable acquisition of materials and efficient installation processes allow us to work quickly while maintaining our high standards on new commercial developments.

Preventative Roof Maintenance

Following a detailed inspection of your commercial roof, we make repairs to any developing problems that could cause costly damages. Additionally, we provide personnel guidelines your business can follow, which in tandem with regular maintenance, extends the life expectancy of your roof.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Heavy roof traffic, exposure to extreme weather conditions, as well as incidental damage from other professional services can all require roof repairs to prevent further damage. Our repairs are tailored to your commercial roof system, and considerations are taken to ensure any existing warranty guidelines are followed.

Roofing Inspection

A documented assessment of your commercial roof that includes photos, construction details, scope of work, as well as samples, providing you with a complete understanding of the condition of your roof and the roofing options available to you.

Asset Management

By calculating annual roofing costs and providing accurate estimates for future repairs and maintenance, we are able to value engineer solutions that are manageable for your budget without sacrificing quality.

Commercial Roofing Systems

A low maintenance option for sloped roofs that is durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. While galvanized steel is the most common sheet metal used on commercial roofs, it is also available in stainless steel, granule coated steel, copper, aluminum, and zinc. Sheet metal roofs can also be enhanced via the use of coatings.

Composed of laminated membranes, Thermoplastic Polyolefin uses heat-welded seams that are less prone to separation. The white surface of the membrane allows it to reflect ultraviolet light, which can result in higher energy efficiency for your commercial property.

A low-cost option composed of synthetic rubber membrane, EPDM is a lightweight commercial roofing system commonly used on low-slope buildings. Available in three separate thicknesses, EPDM can be installed using various installation methods.

With the highest R-value of any commercial roofing system, Spray Polyurethane Foam is extremely energy efficient. White, seamless and lightweight, this spray-on foam roof system requires minimal maintenance

Roof coatings are liquified polymers that can be applied to new construction or existing roof systems such as BUR, modified bitumen, single-ply membranes, as well as SPF, and are designed to provide additional protection against weather damage.

Applied to an existing single-ply, or asphaltic commercial roof system, liquid applied coatings are waterproof, seamless membranes that can extend the life of your roof without the need for a replacement. Ideal for commercial roofs with numerous roof penetrations or buildings that restrict the use of hot asphalt or heat welding.

Thinner than both EPDM and TPO, PVC is extremely pliable yet durable with a breaking strength of 350 pounds per inch, as well as being highly resistant to moisture, wind, fire, and chemicals. Vinyl is also fully recyclable making PVC an environmentally friendly option.

Modified bitumen is an asphalt-based commercial roofing system composed of alternating layers of modified bitumen and reinforcement fabrics. Designed to be flexible in hot and cold weather, puncture-resistant, and withstand heavy foot traffic, modified bitumen can be installed on various roofs and surfaces.

Lightweight and flexible, single-ply commercial roofing systems are commonly produced using a rubber or plastic-base and are available in various thicknesses and chemical makeups. They can be installed using a mechanically attached system, ballasted system, fully adhered system, or induction welding.

*(EPDM, PVC, and TPO are all single-ply)

Steep slope roofing generally refers to a roof pitch equal to or greater than 3:12. Making up a significant portion of the building’s visual aesthetics, we offer various materials for steep slope roofs such as asphalt composition roll, fiberglass 3-tab shingle, fiberglass laminate shingle, wood shingles, wood shake, clay tile, concrete tile, and slate.

Designed to eliminate ponding water, tapered insulation roofing systems reduce the structural burden by promoting positive drainage. Tapered insulation systems can be installed on new constructions or retrofitted over metal, wood, gypsum, concrete or tectum decks, and are compatible with all membrane types.

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