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We provide Roofing and Construction services throughout Colorado and Illinois. These service areas include but are not limited to Denver County, Larimer County, Weld County, Kane County and Cook County.  Click the button below to learn more about our roofing and construction services in your town!

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love door knockers? 🙃

We believe that a home is one of the most intimate places for you and your family, so we do everything we can to respect that.

Door knocking is still a huge sales technique within our industry, as you get directly in front of people fast.

But, how does it make you feel? Is there a way you think it could be done better? Does it deter you from working with someone altogether? Let us know your thoughts below! ⬇️
Commercial Roofing with structural components? One of our secret weapons is this guy.

Currently overseeing over $300M in complex construction, Roy’s ability to spot specifications and make sure they’re met is unmatched; making Brahma Roofing and Construction your #1 trusted resource for all of your commercial roofing and maintenance needs (residential too!). #BuildBrahmaStrong
Who can relate?! 🙋‍♀️

Specialists are important because they know their specialty inside and out.

They know what goes into getting the job done, and all of the steps that it usually takes to get there.

They create the curriculum, prepare the documents needed for students to engage in the activity, conduct the lesson, then follow up with performance reviews.

They intake all of your symptoms, evaluate how you’re feeling, assist you in getting some relief, then explain next steps for you to stay healthy.

Similar to the examples shared above, as a Roofing Contractor, we are a specialist in our field, so our steps are similar:

— Complete an inspection
— Review your inspection report
— Recommend next steps
— Implement the recommendations
— Asses the completed product
— Follow up with performance reviews, to make sure your roof lasts

So, why would we trust someone other than the specialist to not only diagnose next steps and what it takes, and costs, to get there?

If you’re navigating an insurance claim, make sure you have a trusted SPECIALIST in your corner so you receive what you are contractually entitled to (as long as you’re paying those premiums!).
When you’re trying to help someone with their roof and they only want to pet your dog.
If you had to guess 3️⃣, what would they be? Let us know your guesses below!

Then, if you’re interested in what you should keep your eyes open for, check out our blog, outlining the top 10 we come across!

Get out there and vote today! Your voice matters and will help determine big decisions for our downtown.

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Talk to you soon. 🫠
We’re a sucker for black windows, add the grid. 🤤 What’s your style preference?
When your goals are bigger than your self-doubt. 🙌🏽
Can any other #WomenInConstruction relate? 😂🙋🏽‍♀️
With a team of experienced commercial roof installers, supervisors with an eye for detail, and roofing materials from reputable distributors we are committed to providing the highest quality service in every aspect of our business.
Always staying up to date with the best commercial roofing practices, our knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer any questions and respond to concerns or emergency roofing requests ASAP!
To ensure optimal results and effective communication between both parties, every commercial roofing project is overseen by an experienced project manager from start to finish.
The safety of not only our staff but yours is our number one priority on every job site, which is why we follow all OSHA and EPA guidelines on every project
Built on a foundation of trust and quality, we install commercial roofs that protect your business while providing exceptional service at every level.
Detailed analysis and reporting, open communication with our team members both on and off-site, as well as periodic follow-ups ensure our clients remain confident and informed throughout each stage of the process.