Professional Christmas Lighting & Installation

Are you considering getting your Christmas lights professionally installed this year? Protect your home while preparing it for the holiday season by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of Colorado’s top roofing & construction business! As an additional gift in your stocking, we’re including a free roof inspection with every Christmas light installation!

Professional Christmas Lighting Packages

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their Christmas decorations, which is why we strive to provide customization to the Christmas light selection process.  

Installation Only

This option gives you the ability to choose your own equipment, and have our professional installers set it up for you! You purchase the lights, mounting clips, extension cords, tape, etc, and our installers will take care of the rest! (*Prior to purchasing mounting equipment, please ensure it is of a kind and quality that will not cause damage to your exterior.) 

Choose Your Own Xmas Lights and Have Us Install

If you have your heart set on a specific set of Christmas lights, no problem! Let us know the make and model of the Christmas lights you purchased, and we can provide the additional equipment necessary for installation.

Full Package – Material + Xmas Light Installation      

If you want to avoid the headache of Christmas Lights altogether, we got you covered! Choose from our professional grade lighting options and let us take care of the rest!

*Christmas light removal included with all packages*

Brahma Roofing & Construction Christmas Light Options

Christmas Light Locations:

Roof Eaves (Gutter line) – Highlighted in White Below
Roof Rakes – Highlighted in Blue Below

Christmas Light Color Options:

Warm White LED (C9 Smooth Filament or C9 Faceted)

Multi-Color LED (C9 Smooth Filament or C9 Faceted)

Consultation & Installation Date

Ready to schedule your installation date? Contact us and let us know which package and option you are considering, and a member of our team will answer any questions you have, or help with selections if you need assistance deciding what will work best with your home! If you’ve chosen to go with installation only, we can also confirm whether or not the mounting equipment you’ve purchased will be suitable for your home.

Why Hire a Roofing & Construction Company to Install Your Christmas Lights

Some of the most common reasons we hear from our customers for hiring a professional include safety concerns, saving time & energy, and desiring a more professional look. But perhaps the most important reason for hiring a professional Christmas light installer is one that many homeowners (and frankly some installers) neglect altogether, which is avoiding damage to your roof, gutters and exteriors.  

Understanding The Exterior Components of Your Home

At Brahma Roofing & Construction we have an intimate understanding of all the components of your roof and exterior. Since all our Christmas light installers also have a background in exterior and roof installation, we are able to ensure that the methods we use to install your Christmas lights work with the exterior system of your home to avoid damage, while keeping your lights in place and looking great throughout the holiday season!

Installing Christmas decorations on your home should never result in thousands of dollars in repairs to your exterior!

Unfortunately, a lot of the damage that is caused when your Christmas lights get installed causes a ripple effect that goes unnoticed until a larger problem occurs. These can include gutters separating from the fascia, wear and tear to your roof from excessive foot traffic, damaging roof penetrations, creating water entry points through the use of nails or staples, and more. By using a company that is knowledgeable in roofing and exterior systems, you can avoid these issues from the outset and save yourself the money and headache!

Free Roof Inspections with Your Christmas Light Installation

As an extra bonus to our customers, we also include a free roof inspection with every professional Christmas light installation! If you’re going to have a professional on your roof, why not have someone that can check your roof for existing damage? Every Christmas light installation you book with Brahma Roofing & Construction comes with a professional roof inspection report that will walk you through the current condition of your roof. Inspection reports are an important record you can use to document existing damage, or lack thereof, for potential insurance claims, as well as scheduling maintenance  repairs, & replacements to help you prevent damage that can grow into even more costly repairs!

Contact Brahma Roofing & Construction for a Christmas Lighting Installation Quote

Christmas is right around the corner! Contact Brahma Roofing & Construction for a quote and get your home looking ready for the holiday season with professional Christmas lighting and installation for your home!